Let's Debunk These Social Media Myths You Live By!

Social Media Myths are actually pretty hard to believe...


Because with over 3 billion people in the world, actively using social media it's extremely hard to separate myths from facts!

However, it's an absolute MUST you don't fall into a rabbit hole. 


For example, like these myths that are in our faces daily... more followers always mean more sales, and posting every day is the only way to grow! 

We are here to tell you that those myths are absolutely not true. 


Now let's get into the 5 most common myths we hear and see 24/7...


#1 Large Following = More Success 

    - Engagement and having a relationship with your audience is far more important than the # of followers. If you want to CONVERT your audience into clients, customers, etc. you have to build up trust! 

#2 Trending Sounds Will Make You Go Viral

    - This was a GOLDEN TICKET a few years ago, but now it's simply not enough. Now, talking to the camera, using transitions, voiceovers, vlogs, etc. are way more successful types of content across all platforms. 

#3 Buying Followers/Like WON'T Hurt You

     - Let's be honest, it's just a short-term strategy to make you look the part but is extremely detrimental! Your credibility and authenticity are key. So you have to be real, have that connection with your audience, and provide high-quality content that is addictive.  

#4 You NEED To Be Active On Every Platform 

     - Quality > Quantity! Being on every platform is beyond overwhelming tbh. The goal should be to focus on a few platforms at a time and then effortlessly transition into the other platforms with cross-promotion. We suggest always starting on Instagram and TikTok. 


#5 You Should Delete Hate/Negative Comments

      -  Hate comments, backlash, and negative remarks just show you that not everyone will agree or like what you saying. However, take it with a grain of salt, and decide if you want to make a tweak or stand on your position. BUT DON'T DEFEND! Let your loyal audience do it for you. 


 Those are just a few, but trust and believe there are many more out there.


 Most, just tend to believe what they see and watch on social media without even verifying 5% of it! 

 It's extremely important to learn what social media CAN AND CAN'T do because it will help you navigate and master it so much better. 


PLEASE, remember to use social media to your advantage!


So now that you know much more about those few myths that are blatantly in your face, use this information to adjust your social media strategy a bit! 


OR you can always book a 1-on-1 call with us and we will create a custom strategy for you that will set you up to see success across social media! 


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