This Is Why Your Posts Are NOT Converting!

Social media NOT showing you any love?

We don't GATEKEEP over here, so we're going to be honest with you and just tell you the truth!

And yes, of course, in our gen-z terms!


With social media marketing being an indispensable tool for creators and business owners, many of them still find themselves disoriented and discouraged by the lack of measurable results.

There are a million reasons why your social media posts DO NOT convert with your audience.


So, we will be breaking down the reasons why conversions seem to evade even the most solidified social media strategies. 

Because trust us when we say...

There are so many overlooked nuances that you can tailor it to your benefit. 


But first, remember this for us :




Now, let's get back into it!


The main fix is understanding the pitfalls, so you are able to improve and update your current content strategy. 

Here are the main 5 reasons we believe social media posts DO NOT convert!


** Lack Of Clear Call-To-Action

        - DON'T overthink it! It doesn't need to be fancy or super long. (8 words is our trick) BUT it does need to be concise and directly instruct the audience on the next step of your process. Which should definitely be a defining aspect in everyone's content strategy.


** Irrelevant/Basic Content 

         - If the content your posting doesn't resonate with your TARGET audience's pain points, needs, or interests. 90% of the time they are MOST likely NOT going to engage, let alone convert. The key is to personalize your content and your content strategy for your specific audience. 


** Weak Value Proposition

         -  First off, let's define the value proposition : the unique benefits that are being offered a.k.a the attraction! Your audience should be able to see a CLEAR value in what you are offering, because if NOT, they will not take any action. Blatantly, let your audience know what you have to offer so they know it will be well worth their time. 


** Ignoring Platform Specific Nuances 

         - Let's be honest, every social media platform has its own format, favored practices, and insider tricks. If you are NOT able to adapt to each platform, that can be a crucial reason why your content is FAILING! By switching up your approach and creating different formats of content of the same concept for each specific platform, to start seeing success. 


** Inconsistent Posting Schedule 

         - MAINTAINING not just creating a consistent schedule is literally what keeps your brand in front of your audience and plugged into the algorithm. When you DON'T, it can lead to reduced engagement,fewer conversions, and truthfully make your audience just forget about you! 

Just a few other things you should be on the lookout for :

Weak visuals, neglecting social proof, over promotion, undervalued trending topics, and unresponsive engagement. 


So now that you know why your posts aren't converting, please use this information to analyze and adjust your approach to curate a more captivating and engaging social media presence!


OR you can always book a FREE discovery call with us and we can discuss us taking it over for you from here. 


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